How long will my order take?

The average invitation takes approximately 3 business days
to complete after you have given final proof approval.
The average invitation from start to finish is 5 to 7 business days.


Will my invitation require additional postage?

Additional postage is required for square envelopes
and anything weighing 1 ounce or more, such as
Pocket folder style announcements and items like
wax seals and large bows that cause the envelope to bulge.
Black envelopes also require additional postage.


Do I need to purchase a certain quantity?

You are not required to purchase more invitations than you need.
We will print any quantity.


What colors are available?

There is an endless number of color options.
If you want to match a color swatch,
bring it with you when placing your order.


Can I change the fonts?

Yes, fonts can be changed.


How much will my invitations cost?

Invitation pricing is done on an individual bases.
There are many variables involved.
Quantity, paper, printing on 1 side or 2 sides,
design time, and the amount of finishing work required.
We will give you the best price possible based on your individual needs.


Can I provide my own artwork for printing?

Yes, we will print from your digital files.
Please add 1/8″ bleeds if needed and outline the fonts.
Supplied art should be print ready.
Proof read well before submitting art for printing.
A print will be submitted to you for approval.
We accept PDF, jpeg, tiff, eps, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.


Is a deposit required?

We require a $50 deposit that is refundable until work has begun.
Final payment is due when you pick up your order.
An additional amount may be required for specialty papers.


What paper is available?

Paper is determined by the style of your invitation.
A paper that works great for a damask patterned design
may not be the best choice for a heavy solid color or thermography.
We do however, carry white glossĀ and white or natural ivory matte,
linen and pearlized. Other colors and textures may be available
depending on the style of invitation you select.


Single or double envelopes?

Formal invitations are traditionally sent in two envelopes.
The inner envelope is not gummed and is addressed, less formally,
to the person(s) within the household invited to your event.
Modern and casual invitations do not need two envelopes and
most people are opting for one.

My curiosity about the purpose of two envelopes
led me to an article that stated that long ago,
when mail was delivered by horse, the outer envelope
would become splattered with mud. When the mail arrived
to its destination the soiled outer envelope
was disposed of leaving the presentable inner envelope.
Makes sense to me.


Addressing the envelope?

It is considered proper to hand write the address
and have the return address printed on the flap.
We use the same font as used on the invitation and,
if desired, add design elements from the invitation on the envelope.
Should you choose not to follow tradition,
supply us with anĀ spread sheet of your guests and their addresses
and we’ll print them on your envelopes.


How many invitations should I order?

We recommend that you order 20 more invitations than you think you will need.


Can you print my photographs?

If you are looking for a custom size of photo
we would be happy to print them for you.
Otherwise, a photo lab is less expensive option.
Costco comes highly recommended by many of the brides
and photographers that we have worked with.


I live/am moving outside of Utah?

The proofing process can all be done via email.
If time permits we can also mail proofs to you.
Upon completion your order will be shipped to you.






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